Few people have heard of Balegaru. This little town is on the bank of the river Tunga and close to Tirthahalli, which is about 300 kms from Bangalore. As the old saying goes, "The water of Tunga river is known for its sweetness" and so is Balegaru where the nature is at its best. The blissful calmness inside the temple and on the river bank is ideally suited for any spiritual aspirant. The place is known to have a history of over 700 years from the times of Shri Acharya Madhva. The lineage of Pontiffs since then, have been worshipping Lord Narasimha here. It was at this place Tara Prakashana decided to open a library in the year 2006. Over 50 books that contain enhanced and processed digital images of ancient palm leaf manuscripts have been kept here. The books have been printed on specialized paper to enable easy reading. The collection includes several rare books authored by Shri Raghavendra Swamigalu.

Future Plan

Tara Prakashana's long-term goal is to make this library the repository of all (possible) ancient manuscripts of India, dating back to thousands of years.

Balegaru Matha Library inauguration event