Press Coverage

The Sarvamoola project has received considerable coverage from various national and international news agencies. Two of those reports have been reproduced below, and additional links to other reports have been listed. The work has been featured on "Public Radio" in the USA, and has been featured in the news segment on PBS channel. The preservation project is also in process of being made into a documentary and is slated to be released in the near future.


From MSNBC: Ancient Hindu text digitally preserved

Collection of 36 works was written 700 years ago
By Jeanna Bryner
Staff Writer,LiveScience

Hidden in a wooden chest in the heart of a monastery in Udupi, India, an ancient Hindu manuscript has been deteriorating bit by bit over the last 700 years. Now with the help of modern imaging technologies, scientists are illuminating the seemingly invisible Sanskrit. The project is led by P.R. Mukund and Roger Easton, both of Rochester Institute of Technology. They are digitally preserving the original Hindu writings known as the Sarvamoola granthas. This collection of 36 works was written by Shri Madvacharya (1238-1317), a philosopher whose ideas had a far-reaching impact on the Indian society. More here...

From Physorg: Imaging technology restores 700-year-old sacred Hindu text

Scientists who worked on the Archimedes Palimpsest are using modern imaging technologies to digitally restore a 700-year-old palm-leaf manuscript containing the essence of Hindu philosophy.

The project led by P.R. Mukund and Roger Easton, professors at Rochester Institute of Technology, will digitally preserve the original Hindu writings known as the Sarvamoola granthas attributed to scholar Shri Madvacharya (1238-1317). More here

BBC News: Ancient Sanskrit manuscript goes digital

Scientists from the US are using modern imaging techniques to digitally restore a rare 700-year-old Indian palm leaf manuscript on Hinduism.