Nitya Pooja Vidhaana(in English) and Harismarane

On the auspicious day of the Punyadina of Sri Vadiraja Yatigalu, (in the year 1998) Tara Prakashana humbly offered a small service to the people by producing a 60 minute audio tape for distribution. If you are interested in getting a free copy of the tape contents on a CD, Please drop us an email. Recording of the Hari Smarane tape was done in a studio in Rochester, NY and not in India. We offer our gratitude to Shri Gopinath Galagali, the scholar who contributed his efforts towards this.

Tara Prakashana is solely responsible for the contents and production of this project. The first side of the tape has "Nitya Puja Vidhana", i.e. the method of performing daily puja according to Madhwa Sampradaya. All chantings are in Sanskrit and all comments are in English.
It contains the following steps: prarthane, aachamana, pranayama, sankalpa, kalasha puja, shanka puja, nirmalya visarjane, abhiseka, alankara, dhupa, deepa, naivedya, Ramaa naivedya, mangalarati, upachara samarpana and Krishnaarpana.
We hasten to add that this is not a substitute for learning puja from a qualified guru in person. There are no short cuts and we cannot offer any. The tape can only temporarily fill a void if you have an intense desire to perform daily pooja and do not have access to a guru in the near future.

The second side contains the following for paarayana:

* Krishnashtaka (Paalayaachyuta) composed by Sri Vadiraja Yatigalu
* Gopigita from Srimad Bhagavata
* Parts of Dashavatara Stotra composed by Sri Vadiraja Yatigalu
* One canto of Dwadasha Stotra composed by Sriman Madhwa Acharyaru
* Mangalashtaka

Audio Sample: Please listen to the audio clip in Real Audio player.

Comments about Harismarane audio when it was released in 1998

About the cassette:( A note by shri Vasudeva Murthy, Director, VMS ) I received the Harismarane tape published by Tara Prakashana couple of days ago. I am giving a brief summary of my impressions of the tape here. Tape contains a condensed Devatarchana vidhi on one side and stotras like, KrishNAshTaka, gopi gIta, dashAvatAra stotra, a canto of dvAdasha stotra on the other side. The tape is beautifully produced inside and out. On the outside, the tape has beautiful line drawings of a gurukula with a R^ishi and shishya. The labels and the cover are professionally done. The recording is of very high quality. I attach a great deal of importance to the quality of the audio recording and tape, and I find that many of the commercially produced tapes don't have high audio quality. This tape has a very good audio quality. First side has the details of the pooja in the mAdhva sampradaya with instructions in English. I think this is the first time where instructions have been available in English for the pooja vidhAna. Instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I endorse and amplify the warning given by the publishers that the instructions are just a model and people should really talk to people well versed in the pooja vidhi to get proper instructions. There are many variations in the steps for the poojas and it is best to get one on one instruction in the details. This tape provides a good starting point for getting instructions on the pooja. On the other side, stotras are sung well with the accompaniment of a small cymbal, but the rendering is very effective. I would imagine that this side would be the more popular side of the tape. The recitation of "Prostishavigraha" stotra by sri vAdirAja is done in a very haunting and melodious tune. I was mesmerized by it. In summary, I consider this tape to be a landmark production in the madhva sampradaya pooja and stotra category. I think all of us need to do more of this kind of publishing activities in English for the people outside Karnataka and India. As mAdhva communities take root outside India, there is great need to have these kinds of books, cassettes and instructions for the youngsters and people who do not have familiarity with Kannada. Congratulations to Tara prakashana and Mukund for having hit a home run in the first production. It is hard to imagine such a high quality and well produced tape is available free of charge.
Tara Prakashana along with the anonymous author/reciter of the tape have done a great service to the mAdhva community. Well done!.