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BANNANJE- A Rishi Revealed

"Insights" - the word has been so widely used these days, somewhere we get a feeling that the real meaning has got diluted. Insightful people are not many. When the unexplored dimensions of an object or a person are revealed by few such insightful people, they can be life changers.

Who has not heard of Padmashri Dr. Bannanje Govindacharya, the renowned Vedic scholar! People across the world have got transformed from a mundane towards a purposeful life listening to his discourses over the last many decades. "Bannanje:A Rishi Revealed" authored by Dr. P.R. Mukund, was released recently in Bangalore. Contents of this book need contemplation beyond one's lifetime. It's not a biography that states milestones in a chronological order. It contains facts, people have unheard of. Insightful connections can push the reader to the edge of the chair, overjoyed at the end that we are living in an age of a "Walking Sage".

Shri BG has many students. However for Dr. Mukund, it's more than a Guru:disciple relationship that anybody can even perceive. A true Guru is the one who can understand the thirst of his student even before the student feels. A real student is the one who can understand "True Insights" of his Guru, and thus bringing up that perfect resonance between the two. The relationship between Shri BG and Dr. Mukund is one such rarity. It's our fortune that the book is a product of this resonating relationship.

What's a Purposeful Life? For most of us, this has remained a question without even getting close to a convincing answer. When we start looking out to others for an answer the confusion can worsen to lead us back to the so called "Fun Life". Shri BG is one of those very few who just has an answer even before a question can come up. His steel conviction has such a strong positive inductance on others that "Purpose" gets automatically re-defined. Path forward unwinds itself. Metaphysical insights on the spiritual journey surface to only those few people who have unconventional thinking beyond boundaries. Shri BG is one such Gifted Philosopher who can not only connect concepts, but articulate them with equal ease to a child as well as academic scholars. Even more captivating is the fact that Shri BG takes no credit for any of these. As Dr. Mukund puts it across, it's the "Child Like" innocence of his Guru that draws people world over towards him.

Shri BG, having had a deep understanding of various philosophies, highlights the significance of Acharya Madhva, who lived about more than 700 years ago. Dr. Mukund quotes several experiences to substantiate that Shri BG studied directly under Acharya Madhva a long time ago. How else can anybody win so many recognitions & awards without even a formal education!! Dr. Mukund, who himself teaches philosophy to several students, defines the role of a Guru as that of, not only a Teacher but also one who can heal his students. Teaching & healing has to go hand-in-hand, as spiritual journey is a non-academic path. Shri BG has been one of those few who has healed thousands of people across, expending his hard earned energy. When anybody raises to the level of philosophical plane that Sri BG has climbed, he clearly sees a universal connection amongst all living beings, be it man or animal. Dr. Mukund quotes several examples on the ease with which Shri BG interacted with animals too, that could scare away common people. Impact of Shri BG to the society at large has been invaluable. It's a different matter that we are obliged to pay back our gratitude in any little way we can to the Sage who expects nothing from any one. His sights are clearly set on the Infinite.

Dr. Mukund brings out a noteworthy observation in the works authored by Shri BG. He says, Shri BG has that unique caliber to see the epics as was seen by the original Rishis who authored them. How else can those path changing insights surface to Shri BG, unseen by others! Dr. Mukund quotes several of his personal experiences to say that he is ever indebted to Shri BG. If we have that real desire to experience things that would normally not be possible, the only way then, is to completely align ourselves with our Guru. For the fountain of wisdom, to continue for many generations to come, this CONNECTION is the only solution. Dr. Mukund concludes the book saying, this is his humble offering to the Lord of Udupi for having sent A Rishi and even more indebted for CONNECTING with him !

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