Padmashri Dr. Bannanje Govindacharya is a Philosopher & Vedic scholar par excellence. His contribution for Vedic philosophy has been immense and invaluable. Shri Achaarya has been instrumental in changing the lives of many across the world through his powerful discourses and writings.

Tara Prakashana is indebted to have Shri Achaarya as the driving force and mentor for Tara Prakashana.

Founder Trustee

Dr. P.R. Mukund is a deep thinker, distinguished writer and an authoritative speaker who can bridge science, management and philosophy. He articulates very complex concepts lucidly that can be applied in daily life. It has been Dr. Mukund's vision that society at large needs transformation beyond the daily mundane activities to lead a purposeful life. This is possible only through right knowledge.

Through Tara Prakashana, Dr. Mukund is keen to reach out and help people transform themselves towards a more meaningful life.