Digitization is not just scanning of manuscripts. It is a much more involved process with many steps. With great deal of attention to the quality of output and a series of steps executed, we can then call a manuscript ‘digitized’.

Our Process

Before scanning

Holy Basil (Tulasi Rasaa) is applied to palm leaves that are in a bad condition before scanning. This has multiple benefits:

Holy Basil (Tulasi Rasaa)

☸ Tulasi will improve the scan quality  

☸ Tulasi prevents infections of insects which cut/eat the palm leaves 

☸ The original palm leaf will be protected for a greater number of years

Some organisations use different kind of oils like Lemon grass oil etc on the palm leaves to protect them, but this is not helpful in the long run. If oil is applied the palm leaves must be dried thoroughly and kept under air condition at low temperature. We have seen the “oil treated” palm leaves sticking together so firmly that the whole bundle was rendered useless. We cannot afford to lose knowledge in such a manner. The quickest and the best method to preserve them is Tulasi drops.