Why Preserve?

The foremost objective of Tara Prakashana is to preserve Jnyana in its original form. Only then we can spread that Jnyana to the needy. Texts exist in various languages & forms.
The most ancient media amongst them are the “Palm Leaves”. Original texts are extremely significant because, one syllable/letter interpreted wrongly can give a completely different meaning. Any media that can be adopted to preserve the original text must last for many hundred years to come by. This will be the best gift for the generation of scholars and students to come.

Current State Of Manuscripts

There are hundreds of thousands of manuscripts all over India that are stacked in dingy rooms and many of them in a neglected state. It is sad to see the condition of these manuscript bundles. These bundles contain a treasure trove of knowledge that can show the path out of misery and suffering and lead us towards the real light (Jnyana). Humidity, neglect, insects, age factor etc. contribute to the deterioration of these manuscripts and we will lose them forever if we don’t take measures on a war footing and preserve them.