Vedic Library

Led by the indefatigable efforts, direction and energy of our Guru and founder trustee of Tara Prakashana, Shri P.R.Mukund, the trust has been striving since 16 years to save the manuscripts that contain a treasure trove of knowledge for future generations. We have preserved around 3300 manuscripts now and printed about 1500 of them into books on acid-free cotton paper. In 2020, We embarked upon an ambitious project of building a big Vedic library in Pajaka, Udupi near the foothills of Parashurama hill and Durga hill that will house all these books and facilitate Vedic research. The total cost of purchasing the land plus the construction cost was about 2.5 crores. Tara Prakashana’s trustees and other shishyas of Shri Mukund who believed in the cause raised and offered the amount. The Vedic library and Research center was inaugurated on the 16th of January 2023. What seemed like a mammoth task when we started is now a reality.

Tara Prakashana Vedic Library

Just like the headwater of a river that originates as a small spring, this is the start of a momentous journey. Apart from the preservation, the library will also focus on Vedic research. The work on transliteration, translation and study of rare manuscripts is currently underway. Tara Prakashana has joined hands with various scholars and entities to jointly bring out unpublished works of great importance to the community. Metadata indexing and Catalogues will be created for reference. The digitized works are saved in various forms. The main storage for posterity is the printed books. Also, the images will be made available to students and researchers through Tara Prakashana Virtual Library. The online library has a very easy to use interface. The digital platform will have a powerful metadata search engine to bring up accurate results upon search.