Multi Spectral System

A multispectral image is a collection of a few image layers of the same scene, each of them acquired at a particular wavelength band. Tara Prakashana acquired a multi-spectral imaging system from MegaVision to digitize ancient, faded Palm leaf Manuscripts using Infrared Rays. This is first-of-its-kind Imaging System in India.

MegaVision EV

The MegaVision EV Multispectral system produces color-accurate images which are independent of illumination. The spectral data produced by the EV system can be used to make prints which better match the original when viewed under various illuminations and conditions.


☸ 50 MP digital camera back   

☸ 8176 × 6132 pixels, 6.0 µm pixel size 

☸ MegaVision 12-mm f/4.5 hyperspectral lens (350–1000 nm) ☸Capture rate: 1 image/2 sec

☸ Cost: $125,000 USD 

Processing and Storage

The palm leaf is then scanned, and image processed. If the palm leaf is more than 20 inches in length, multiple images are captured and then stitched using a stitching software. The processed images are then stored in RAID storage systems like NetGear and rare works are saved in Gold plated DVD's/Nanoark Waferfiche™

Eleven colours, including ultra-violet and infra-red are used to take unique pictures of the palm leaves as the visibility of the captured image improves with each colour.
Using this technology, even if the palm leaf is damaged, the engraved text can be easily captured, as shown  :