Ten Gunas

An authentic and evident modern-day guide to a Vedic way of life is the need of the times. It should not be abstract and should deliver tangible ways of applying them in our daily lives.
To bridge this gap, Dr Mukund came out with this gem called ‘Ten Gunas (Mindsets) for Jiva (YOU), JIVAN(LIFE) and MOKSHA (FULFILMENT)’ which was recently published by Rupa Publications India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi.

 It details the 10 traits that are essential for succeeding in life. Dr Mukund has extracted these fundamentals from Vedic wisdom and presented it in a manner that is applicable to today’s life. This book has been adopted by Amity University, Noida into their course curriculum.

More than 3000 copies of this book have been sold in a short span and have positively impacted many people.